6 thoughts on “People First of Nevada Scream Room Report

  1. I am traveling to Canada to teach about this and need to be able to give people a link to the Scream Room Report. Can you put it back on the website please?

    • Brianna, thank you for your comment. I just checked and the link is still live. It should take people right to the report. The appendices were too large to be uploaded so if anyone wants a copy of those they can request them by commenting on this website.

  2. Just toured Brown, Hunsberger, Lenz, Double Diamond, and Huffaker elementary schools and Picollo the segregated school. Found another scream room at Picollo for a total of ten (10 our report says nine). Found a number of rooms being used for students for various reasons including “to calm down.” Picollo looked like a pretty boring place to be. Hunsberger had a really cute area outside a gen ed classroom with cute little deck chairs for kids to chill in. All the schools had beautiful murals except Picollo.

  3. Hello Sally I 100% Agree with you these should be removed.
    These Rooms are not meant to keep kids inside of them even if they behalf bad temper or other things as well. We are working really hard to get these rooms removed as soon as possible.

  4. Having just read the book “Crazy Like A Fox” written by an Indian
    principal of a charter school……I’m stunned to hear of this. Sure I
    realize these children with disabilities can be a challenge to any special
    Ed teacher….but this idea is over the top and harms more than
    helps students. If it costs 49,000. dollars to dismantle these from the
    listed schools….I feel sorry for the tax payers. Shame on our school
    system for all these stupid ideas that have no common sense.
    No wonder there are so many private and charter schools now.

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