What is an Advisor/Mentor?

  • Non-voting participant
  • Provides support to chapters and officers to understand how to run the chapters – including voting, elections, leadership training
  • Avoid “over-control” – provide advice – NOT give direction
  • Listens to the group, hears what they have to say without interrupting and not take control of the group process
  • Watches to make sure that he group benefits from the support they get
  • The advisor/mentor should not make decisions for individuals or the group
  • The advisor/mentor is not the problem solver for the group
  • The advisor/mentor promotes problem solving from within the group
  • The advisor/mentor does not provide personal and attendant care for the member
  • The advisor/mentor should not push their ideas on the chapter that makes members feel like their voices and choices are not being heard
  • Advisors/mentors can provide transportation
  • There should be at least two mentors/advisors for each chapter, this will help prevent an imbalance of power and create a check and balance system.

Examples of tasks advisors often do:

  • Assist secretary with taking notes
  • Assisting the group in drafting a letter
  • Assisting the treasurer as needed
  • Encourage members to do as much as they can
  • Assist group to make a schedule and discuss the format options
  • Invite other people to the group, help with guest speaker ideas and contacts
  • Assist the group to get back on track during meetings and to complete all items on the agenda
  • Inform group of their options as they make decisions

3 thoughts on “Advisors

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    Hello, my name is Paul Bramson and I’m a true advocate for people with developmental disabilities. I just moved to Sparks from Southern California. While living in Ventura County, CA I worked as a Job Coach, Direct Support Professional II and Employment Specialist. I helped with job interviewing skills, applications, appointment settings, reading, writing, math and everyday social and communication skills. I worked for a company called PathPoint. There web site is:

    I very much would like to get involved as an Advisor / Mentor here in the Reno Sparks area.
    I see that your next meeting is Thursday April 9th. Could I attend? I have much experience and desire to get involved with helping.

    My email is: and my phone is: (805) 889-5599.

    Thank you,

    Paul Bramson

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