Members Contacting Their Legislators

Let your voice be heard! Contact your representatives today like Reno People First member Chris Ripke did. Here are some of his response letters.

Harry Reid – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Response 

Mark Amodei and Harry Reid Correspondence Letters

Dean Heller Correspondence Letter

Kay Hagen – ABLE Act Response

Harry Reid – Affordable Care Act Response

Don’t know who your representatives are? Click hereOn the right side you will see a link to Who’s My Legislator. Click on that and it will show you how to find your state and federal representatives and how to contact them.

Tips for Writing a Letter or E-mailing Your Senator:

  1. Always include your name and address in the letter.
  2. State your purpose for writing in the first sentence of the letter. Be specific. For example: I am writing to urge your support for [state what you want support for].
  3. If your writing about a specific piece of legislation, include the bill number and title.
  4. Be courteous.
  5. Include personal information about why the issue matters to you to make your point.
  6. Keep it short – one page if possible and address only one issue in each letter or email.
  7. Thank the person you are writing to for considering your position.

Click here to see a sample letter

You can also contact Reno People First member Chris Ripke at for help with writing a letter or email. Chris will be glad to assist you.

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