Board Meetings







Statewide Board Meeting – Was held on July 28th, 2016

Officers in attendance were:

Jacob Arant , Charity Macomber , Jason Freeman, Amy Bailes, Tim Brown, 


  • Jacob Arant called the meeting to order at 10:10- Charity  had roll call and confirmed that they had quorum. Noah and Emily went over all the information on the EPIC grant. They explained that their was money coming from the grant – that would help with the rural areas. with communication-( computers are being purchased for the rural areas- self advocacy groups ) One per city Fallon, Elko, Winnemucca, .  Noah explained with new funds possible in the future we could expand computers to  Clark and Washoe county.  Also being purchased is GOTOMEETING . This teleconference technology will be for 2 years, and give the opportunity for the self advocacy groups  to communicate on a monthly basis.
  • 5 year State Plan was approved.
  • Bylaws were approved.
  • There was a vote for new board members position. –
  • EMERITUS COMMITTEE- This year vote was for Santa PerezThe Emeritus Committee will consist of past experienced former Statewide Board Officers. They assist the statewide board in understanding how to run People First of Nevada, including help with workshops training on leadership and People First conferences. The Emeritus Committee members must have displayed active participation in People First of Nevada and the greater self advocacy movement. Only the People First statewide Officers can elect past statewide Officers.  The Emeritus Committee are voted in for life.  Members of the Emeritus Committee must follow the policies and procedures of People First of Nevada and they can vote on People First matters. The Emeritus Committee is to serve both the Statewide President and the statewide Officers. Any past Statewide Officers must submit a letter of intent to the current Statewide president to be consider applying for the Emeritus Committee.


  • Guests were
  • Susan Freeman, Linda Donalson, James Watson, Travis Mills, Sheree Cassingham, Emily Rogers, Noah Seidel, Santa Perez and Vince.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 3:05

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