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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,
    Just this morning I saw a small preview segment on KRNV about the use of scream rooms in Nevada. I live in Washoe county. My son was stuck in one of these rooms at Billinghurst middle school in Reno last year. We protested and they denied to remove our son. He is a resource/special Ed student. I spoke at great length to both the vice principal mrs cutler and principal ken Cervantes. Both were unfazed by our concern that it was cruel and unusual punishment.
    Many parents are very unaware these rooms exsist. Billinghurst has 4.
    My son and another child were horse playing at lunch break. The other child kicked my son in his testicals and my son automatically reacted by slapping the other kid once on the back/shoulder area. Quoted from the VP ” was tired of seeing them horse around and had it” and the next school day without our consent put my son and the other boy in what they refer to as a “white rooms”
    We were only contacted after he was in the room. We asked that he be removed and they refused and our only other option was to have him receive suspension. We did not want him to miss any school. His disability would have hindered any make up work given. We were assured he would be given school work to complete. He was in there for an entire school day and given only a 6th grade ( he was in 8th) word search. He finished in 5 min and sat for the rest of the school day in the small sensory deprivation room. During this time the other child panicked and was heard freaking out pounding on the walls.
    I’m appalled this practice is still in use. I had no idea it was outlawed in 2003!
    My family is willing to come forth and tell our story. We believe these rooms are torture and inhumane and breed disrespect for authority. We want them to be removed from ALL schools at once!
    Would love to hear back from your group. I was in the process of gathering info to send to KRNV “ask joe” segment to bring awareness to this issue. However I still have a daughter at billinghurst and was waiting until the school year began, so my child would not be singled out and given crappy teachers. After seeing the preview of the story this morning, we feel a strong need to become involved with this issue.
    Best regards, Lisa Norris

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for coming forward with your story and telling it to us. Our wish was to not only make the school board aware but also to help other families that are still facing this issue and to let the public know that this is wrong! I am going to forward your email to one of the advisors on the scream room committee. If you copy and paste this link it has a copy of the full report under the video portion of the segment. I would strongly recommend that you contact KRNV and tell them you saw the story and you have had a similar experience. The more they hear from the community on this story, the more they will follow up and hopefully something will be done!

      • Thanks Kari, I contacted Ashley Cullins at KRNV I agreed for her to use direct quotes from my email for describing our situation. A little hesitant actually going on camera. I also emailed the board and received a quick reply from Howard Rosenberg. He said that he thinks most of the board are horrified about those rooms and will do their best to stop such usage immediately and he will do his best to see these incidents do not happen again. One can only hope that they are removed, sadly after FOURTEEN years of being unlawful! Probably 1000’s of kids have suffered in these rooms over that long of a period! Makes me absolutely sick! -Lisa

      • Thanks for the follow up Lisa! We all really hope this is stopped and so proud of people like you and the other People First members for working hard on coming forward and bringing this into the light.

      • Hi Kari I just saw the KRNV report at 5 They mentioned Billinghurst as they visited there today. Billinghurst outright lied and said they are used for make up testing. This is a outright lie! I will attend the next school board meeting in Aug. I will not let people outright lie!

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Good for you Lisa! The board needs to hear from the community. Please feel free to forward our information to any other parent you feel might have gone through this with their child.

  2. You should be able to change the font size on your computer by going into “settings” and choosing “largest” for how it is shown on your screen. While it will depend on what version and what program you’re using, that should help you be able to view things in much larger print on your computer. :o)

  3. Hi,

    I am looking to see if your company has any programs for me. I have severe cognitive issues from a head injury. I have applied for SSDI and I have been approved for retraining services through DETR. However, DETR is backed up with case files and I won’t be counseled for over a month or two. My concern is when I retrain if I will be able to learn and retain.

    Please advise…


    Milt Takara

    • Hi Milt,

      People First is a group of individuals with disabilities who meet to learn about self advocacy and self determination. They have monthly meetings in Reno on the second Thursday of the month and other cities across the state. You can find chapter meeting information under the chapter information and events link on the home page. You are welcome to come to a meeting and others may have some suggestions for you. We don’t have any programs for re-training. I am sorry you have to wait for services but DETR is a good program. You can also look into therapy groups that provide speech, occupational and physical therapy. Sierra Speech and Language Group has some good therapists but I am not sure if they serve adults or children only.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment. The People First bookmarks had to be smaller print so that we could fit everything on them. If it was a larger size we wouldn’t have been able to print everything. We got them for People First members to pass out to others in the community to spread awareness of People First language. We have some large print posters left if you would like some of those but they are not really portable or convenient to have on you and pass out in the community. You will be getting t-shirts soon with larger print of People First language on the back you can wear to spread awareness.

  4. Hi my Name is Sarah Mannee /Rose I am part of the people fist Chapter Carson City We think the Print should be Bigger Print Because some of us are partly Blind and Can’t see small Print

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