Fundraising Tips/Steps

Step 1: Figure out what kind of fundraising you want to do. See below for ideas

Step 2: Do your research. Call places you are interested in and tell them about People First and that you are a non-profit organization looking to hold a fundraiser to raise money for your organization. Ask if they are willing to help you hold a fundraiser. Take notes on who you call and what they said so you can share with your chapter. If they say yes then the following are good questions to ask the person you are talking to when you call:

a)     How much money will you get back from the fundraiser?

b)    How and when will we get our money?

c)     Will it cost us anything up front?

d)    What will our responsibilities as People First members be?

***Get the name and number of the person you talked to so if you call them again you will know who to ask for. Make sure and thank them for their time.

Step 3: After you have called several different places, and gotten their information, decide at your next People First meeting what you are going to do.

Step 4: Make a list of what needs to be done to get ready for the event and who will do what (who will make flyers, who will help set up, who will call to confirm the event, etc.) Hand out the list to everyone so they will know what they are responsible for.

Step 5: Make flyers for the event and pass them out all around town to advertise. Be sure to have friends and family help.

Step 6: About a week before the event, contact the place you will be having the fundraiser to confirm the event.

Step 7: Contact everyone from the list on Step 4 to make sure they have done what they needed to do.

Step 8: Have the event!

Step 9: After the event, call or email everyone who helped to thank them, including the place you held the event at.

Below are just some ideas to get you started. Use your imagination and ask for ideas from other members.

Get Your Religious Organization Involved 
Ask to put a poster on the bulletin board. See if an announcement can be made during a service. Leave a donation envelope in the coffee room or in the lobby. See if the youth group is looking for a social action activity.Contact Local Girl/Boy Scout Troop
 Scouts could be eligible to earn a variety of badges by participating in a fundraiser.  Scouts may also want to help set-up or teardown your event, so keep them in mind as volunteers as well.Other ideas

  • Community activities: Car wash, a dog wash, garage sale, bake sale, “Dimes for People First Day” at work, school or your local bank.
  • Sell raffle tickets and hold a drawing (or drawings) for items that were donated to you by friends or local companies.
  • Fundraise year round: Work with local restaurants and stores to have a day or night each month where a portion of the proceeds will go to your organization to raise money.  “Dining for People First”
  • Sell lollipops, cookies or other treats near the cash register at local businesses.  This is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and raise awareness of your organization and event.
  • Make ribbons or bracelets and sell them for $.50 or $1.00 to increase awareness of People First
  • Ask local businesses if you can place cans in their shops to raise “Dimes For People First” (or any spare change).  Decorate the cans with your logo and information.
  • In your school, place of employment or house of worship, find out if you can have a special collection of spare change for People First.  Make sure you publicize the collection time/location in multiple places so that all parties know about it.
  • Have a spaghetti dinner or pasta dinner and invite community members to come and eat for a fee. They could come and talk to People First Members and get to know them.
  • Ask around at local casinos if they would be willing to work with you for a fundraising event.
  • Sell candy bars

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