Officer Duties


All chapter officers have the following duties:

  • Serve as a role model for the other officers and members.
  • Promote People First “mission statement” within our community and elsewhere.
  • Regularly attend monthly chapter meetings and at least one monthly conference call with the statewide President.

Individual officer duties are as follows:

–       President: Runs chapter meetings by:

  • Calling meeting to order on time
  • Making sure the secretary or note taker is ready to begin
  • Introducing the guest speaker and thanking them when they are done
  • Going through the rest of the items on the agenda (discuss any old business not completed at your last meeting, presidents report, treasurer report, food for next meeting, etc.)
  • Letting everyone know when it’s time to eat
  • Helping to keep the meeting on track and helping to make sure all officers work as a team.

–       Vice President:

  • Takes over duties of President when president is absent (see above)
  • Informs the president before the meeting if you are going to be absent
  • Helps the President with any duties the President needs help with.
  • Helps the President keep the meeting running according to the agenda

–       Secretary:

  • Takes over duties of President and Vice President when they are both absent
  • Informs the President before the meeting if you are going to be absent
  • Makes sure all the paperwork is completed and ready to go before the meeting
  • Makes sure all necessary paperwork is handed out to members before the meeting starts
  • Makes sure everyone has signed the sign in sheet
  • Writes or tape records meeting minutes
  • Collects and turns in all paperwork after the meeting

–       Treasurer:

  • Informs the President before meeting if you are going to be absent
  • Makes sure money is taken out of bank account to purchase needed food and supplies each month.
  • Keeps financial records for the chapter (records money taken out and put into account and for what purpose)
  • Gives report of how much money is in the chapter bank account each meeting
  • Collects and deposits dues

–       Sergeant at Arms:

  • Informs the President before meeting if you are going to be absent
  • Politely keeps order in meetings
  • Greets all guests and members for each meeting
  • Sets up room and equipment for each meeting
  • Reminds all members to help clean up after each meeting

All officers are People First members, parents or staff are not eligible.

All officers must be at each meeting. If an officer cannot attend a meeting, they must inform the president or the facilitator.
If an officer is absent for three consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse, they maybe subject to dismissal of their position. 

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