People First Of Nevada Grant Goals

Steps that led to the current grant:

  • At the last People First Board meeting on June 9th 2011, People First members voted unanimously to remain with the NCED (Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities) at UNR for another two years with the goal of becoming self-sustainable at the end of those two years and to support the NCED in administering this grant on behalf of People First.
  • Self-sustainable means People First will be independent and will operate with very little support from the DD Council and the NCED
  • This new People First of Nevada Grant will be in effect October 1st 2011 through September 30th 2013. The grant money is from the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (or the DD Council)
  • It’s a two year grant for $150,000
  • The goals of this grant were determined by criteria set by the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities and their Five Year Plan which comes from People First member input.
  • The grant was mainly written by Santa Perez, Kari Horn, Melissa Westphal and Mary Bryant. An open conference call was held for all People First board members and People First VISTA’s so they could have their input, request additions or changes. The DD Council then voted unanimously to award the grant to the NCED. The DD Council has several People First members on the council.
  • The goals written in the grant below will help to make sure that People First is as independent as possible in two years but it will take ALL PEOPLE FIRST MEMBERS to actively participate in upcoming trainings, attend People First meetings on a regular basis, pay monthly dues and help out by bringing a food dish to each meeting.
  • ALL PEOPLE FIRST OFFICERS need to be responsible for completing their officer duties at each meeting.
  • Remember….VISTA’s will be gone June 30th, 2012. That means each chapter will be responsible for running their meetings with out VISTA’s (getting speakers, getting food, keeping minutes, etc.) Work with your VISTA’s now to make sure you are comfortable with how to do all of that before time runs out and refer to your sustainability plans.

People First of Nevada Grant Goals:

Goal 1 :People First of Nevada is a strong, membership-run self-advocacy organization, which is sustainable and financially independent. Two year activities to include:

  1. Leadership training in conjunction with NV Partners in Policymaking and others (to include training on how to effectively run a non-profit organization)
  2. Leadership mentoring by former Partners in each community
  3. Board development training including responsibilities of being a board member, financial/fiscal training for each chapter and statewide board (each chapter will open own bank account/hold one or more fund raisers)
  4. Each chapter will set up their own bank account and be responsible for collecting dues each month.
  5. Board member mentoring by other community board members
  6. Develop sustainable model for statewide board and individual chapters that will foster independence while providing needed support for infrastructure and finances.
  7. In year two – hire part time self-advocates (North, South, Rural) to coordinate People First activities

Goal 2 :The People First of Nevada organization and its members are well known in Nevada.  People First members are active, contributing members on a wide range of issues in collaboration with cross-disability, non-disability and cross-diversity statewide leadership groups.

  1. People First member survey will determine in what groups or organizations People First members are currently active.  In each community, People First members will determine what groups still need representation, which need more representation or how People First members might take on more meaningful roles in groups within and outside of People First.
  2. People First member survey will determine what issues are critical in each community and which groups People First members could join to effect those issues
  3. People First chapters will be informed about and discuss national issues effecting people with developmental disabilities. Discussions will include how they can become involved at the national level and how each particular issue is critical at the state level and/or in their own community. Topics will include post secondary education, employment and the Health Care Reform act.
  4. Collaborate with NDALC to ensure People First members have the training and support to exercise their voting rights.
  5. On critical issues in each community, People First members regularly attend and testify at meetings of councils and commissions effecting the lives of people with disabilities (Regional Transportation Commission, DD Council)
  6. People First of Nevada will collaborate with other local and statewide groups to develop a coordinated legislative agenda for the 2013 Legislative Session.

Goal 3:People First of Nevada members have the necessary skills to take responsibility for their own lives and to advocate for themselves and others in everyday life.

  1. Collaborate with Family Ties to provide training on health management (how to make their own doctor’s appointments, learning about their own disability and how to talk to their doctor about that disability).
  2. Become knowledgeable about the transportation options in their area and be able to take personal responsibility for their own transportation.
  3. Individuals who receive training will become mentors for other community members by sharing information with chapter members and others in their community.

One thought on “People First Of Nevada Grant Goals

  1. what if “health” and “doctors” and “talking about your disability” is not a priority for people with disabilities? There is a stereotype within the “medical model” of service delivery that its ALL about illness and doctors and suffering.

    That is not really true for most people with disabilities. Civil rights are the issue for people with disabilities in EVERY place including hospitals and doctors who frequently attempt to deny medical care to people with disabilities through advanced directives and DNRs, or (thank god we are not in oregon) push SUICIDE (in Nevada called “SEDATION”) INSTEAD OF health care for people who are obviously disabled.

    It is not really about “being able to talk about your disability,” it is about getting to a doctor who will treat you and not just judge your life not worthy of life. Would these issues be an example of what you are talking about with goal three? Could these be issues self-advocacy groups could work on?

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