Required Information on People First Meeting Flyer

The following MUST be on the meeting flyer:

  1. People First of Nevada, Chapter Name and Logo at the top

Transparent PFLogo2






  1. Meeting Location Address
  2. Date & Time of Meeting
  3. Name of Guest Speaker & Topic of Presentation. In the event there is not a guest speaker mention the focus of the meeting, (officer elections, party, watch movie)
  4. Where & How to RSVP (Please call or email _________  @ # or email address)
  5. This statement, “For more information please visit our web site  @http:// www.”
  6. This statement, “People First is supported by the Nevada Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Administration for Children and Families CFDA #93.630. Views are solely the responsibility of People First and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NGCDD, Administration of Developmental Disabilities or any other supporting organization or agency.”
  7. The DD Council logo below

DD Council Logo




The flyer also can be made more eye appealing by using free clip art images appropriate for the month or activity.

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