Step By Step Guide on How to Pass out Flyers in Your Community

Step By Step Guide on How to Pass out Flyers in Your Community

By: Travis Mills, People First Member

1st.Find the Self-Advocacy Community on Google for your area at

For a example if I want to search for Las Vegas chapter I type: Self-Advocacy Las Vegas to see what pops-up in Google search box.

2nd. There is another method – if you click on the MAPS Button it will also show you locations on the Google web site.

3rd. Decide which agencies you want to drop off flyers at. Make sure you write down all the address and E-mail Address to each location.

4th. Call each location to make sure they are in business before you make the trip out there.

5th. Tell each Agency about the People First of Nevada Program and also ask them would it be alright to hand out the flyer to each person and talk to the group about the Flyer & People First of Nevada. Also ask if they have a bulletin board that you can put up a flyer on.

6th.  Make sure you print out 5-10 Flyers to each location. For example, if you are going to 8 locations to drop off flyers make sure you print out 40 – 50 and hand out 5 or 10 flyers to each location.  Keep the extra 10 flyers in case you need them for backup.

7th. Do not staple the flyers. No…. No…. make sure you put a paperclip on each batch of flyers for each location you planning on going to.

8th. Put the flyers in a folder to make it easier to bring it with you.

9th. Once you get to the location introduce yourself and ask the clerk or someone who works at the building if it would be alright to post on the bulletin board.  Some companies do not have bulletin boards which is OK, just let the clerk know about the People First Program.

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